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What co-parenting blunders do you deserve to know and avoid?

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2021 | Family Law

You no longer want to remain married to your spouse, but you want to remain in your shared children’s lives. What co-parenting hurdles should you expect?

Psychology Today explains common co-parenting minefields and how to overcome them. Learn how to set yourself and your children up for peaceful post-divorce lives.

Non-custodial time communication

When you do not have your children, you want to enjoy “me time.” If your ex texts or calls constantly, your temperature may rise. If the other parent reaches out to you all the time, consider using a specific app that lets you share custody information without communicating with your spouse directly. That way, you both have access to vital details without texting or talking more than necessary. You may also want to consider establishing non-custodial communication hours.

Combative custody exchanges

If you do not get along well with the other parent, you may dread custody exchanges. Minimizing exchanges and their interactions may help. If you do not already, talk to your ex-spouse about meeting halfway between your households. When the time comes to exchange custody, take several deep breaths to help you stay calm. Also, try to always arrive on time or let the other parent know if you may run late.

Using children as messengers

Rather than use your children to pass messages on to the other parent, use another means of communication. Your child may feel like nothing more than a medium between her or his parents, which could harm your child’s self-esteem.

Rather than wait for child custody mishaps to happen, get ahead of them. The above insights may make life after divorce easier for you and your loved ones.