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What are some signs of a spinal cord injury?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2022 | Personal Injury

After an accident in a car or at work that harmed your spine or back, you may not sense any further health complications right afterward.

However, as time goes on, you could notice signs of a serious spinal cord injury. Learning how to recognize those signs can help you determine what to do next.

Pain while moving

According to the Mayo Clinic, shooting pain throughout your back and spine area can leave you struggling to complete everyday tasks. This pain may become so bad that you cannot drive or go to work.

You may not even notice how intense this feeling is right away, since the shock and adrenaline from the accident that caused the injury may mask the symptoms for a while.

Bowel problems

If you find yourself losing control of your bowels multiple times after an accident, then you may have spinal trauma. Some people lose the ability to tell when their bladder is full, which ends up leading to kidney stones and bladder infections as time goes on.

Touch and sensation trouble

Being able to sense when a surface is cold or hot is vital for preventing further injuries, such as burns. In some cases, spinal cord trauma can leave you unable to tell or sense the temperature of an object.

Issues with breathing

If you are struggling to breathe in deeply, or you notice odd secretions when you cough or breathe, then you may be struggling with signs of spinal trauma. Coughing fits and other moments of pain in your lungs can greatly impact your daily life.

Learning about some common signs of spinal cord injuries may help you realize that an accident left you with more injuries than you assumed.