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When may injured or ill workers qualify for SSDI?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2022 | Social Security Disability

If you develop a serious medical condition or experience an injury, you may apply for Social Security Disability Insurance. A Social Security Administration agent reviews the severity of your condition before approving your claim.

As noted by, a qualifying “severe” condition significantly restricts your ability to perform your regular job tasks. You may need to describe your basic duties, such as how your work includes lifting or remembering information. If a doctor determines you may no longer complete your tasks for at least one year, you could qualify for SSDI.

A medical condition must also prevent you from working at a new job

The SSA reviews your employment history and skills. If you could perform similar duties in a new job setting or with an accommodation, your condition may not classify as severe enough to qualify for SSDI.

An SSA agent may also consider your age when considering any tasks that you performed in the past. An agent may consider job skills that could transfer to another job. The SSA may deny your claim if you could work at a different job, but you may appeal.

Work credits also determine eligibility

The SSA reviews your work history and credits earned. As noted by the AARP, employees will acquire one work credit for every $1,510 earned during 2022. The maximum number of credits employees may obtain each year is four.

Age determines whether applicants accumulated enough work credits. If you become disabled before age 24, the SSA requires a minimum of six work credits from the previous three years. Applicants disabled after the age of 31 need at least 20 work credits earned within the previous decade.

If a condition could last at least 12 months or result in death, you may qualify for SSDI. Your work credits and the severity of your condition determine your eligibility.