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How can you co-parent effectively with a high-conflict person?

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2022 | Family Law

Co-parenting can require a lot of energy, and co-parenting with someone who continually starts fights or tries to undermine you can leave you exhausted.

Learning about how to deal with high-conflict personalities is important so that you can keep your peace of mind and do your best for your children.

Make your boundaries clear

According to Psychology Today, one of the best ways to prevent arguments is to state clearly and directly what your limits are. You may not want your co-parent to call you during certain times of the week, or you may notice that he or she is ignoring the parenting plan you both crafted.

By keeping your messages and replies short and concise, you can reduce the tension between you both. This can help prevent disagreements before they begin.

Find methods of relaxation

Focusing on childcare and custody issues can wear you down over time, which is why it is important to find a hobby or activity you love that helps you reduce your stress. Exercising or taking an art class can get your mind off stressful topics and your body moving.

After this activity, you can also come back to discussions with your co-parent with a clearer mind, which can help you stay calm while handling conflict.

Keep your children out of it

Relying on your children to exchange messages with your co-parent for you can make them feel overwhelmed and burdened. Avoid putting strain on them by making it clear to your co-parent that they need to stay out of any disagreements or issues between you both.

Dealing with a high-conflict person can be tough, but focusing on your boundaries and reducing stress wherever possible can help make it easier.