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Data shows an increase in older adult divorces

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2023 | Family Law

If you want to end your marriage, you could face unique challenges as an older adult. If your marriage has lasted for decades, you could feel hesitant to make significant changes that could impact you and your loved ones. Additionally, you could face a lot of pressure to make your marriage work out even though you are unhappy.

Statistics show that an increasing number of those over 65 are getting divorced in the U.S., which should provide confidence if you want to move on from your marriage as an older adult.

More older adults are getting a divorce

Research published by the National Library of Medicine draws attention to the prevalence of older adults who get a divorce. According to this study, adults aged 65 and over make up the sole age group seeing an increase in the rate of divorce. In fact, adults 50 and over represent 36% of those who get divorced in the U.S.

This data shows that many older adults are in marital relationships that are not working out, and you should not feel stuck in a dysfunctional marriage as a result of your age.

Life after divorce as an older adult

If you decide to end your marriage later in life, it is pivotal to plan ahead. Think about the different ways divorce could impact your life, from your living situation and finances to your estate plan and your children or grandchildren.

By preparing for the end of your marriage and addressing divorce-related issues carefully, you can increase the chances of a favorable outcome and a brighter future.