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What happens during a continuing disability review?

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2023 | Social Security Disability

As you probably know, applying for Social Security Disability Benefits can be a long and complicated process. Indeed, the Social Security Administration routinely denies more than half of first-time SSDI benefits applications. Consequently, if you have received approval, you have a reason to celebrate.

According to the SSA, the federal government occasionally reviews medical conditions to ensure SSDI recipients continue to be eligible for benefits. The timing of this review varies from person to person, but yours might come between six months and seven years after you receive your approval notice.

A review of your medical condition

Your approval notice should tell you when you can expect the SSA to conduct a continuing disability review. When your time arrives, you should receive a notice in the mail explaining the process and asking for some information. The SSA uses your responses to gauge whether your medical condition continues to impair your ability to work.

You also are likely to need to sign a medical disclosure form. This form permits the SSA to obtain your medical records from your health care providers. You should not have to contact your doctors independently to request records, though.

A review of your ability to work

The SSA also uses a continuing disability review to determine whether you are able to return to work. Consequently, you should expect to answer some questions about your ability to perform job duties. If you have worked while receiving SSDI benefits, you also might need to provide documentation about your employment and wages.

Ultimately, to ensure you continue to receive SSDI benefits, it is important to respond promptly and accurately to your continuing disability review.