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3 tips for new co-parents

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2024 | Family Law

The process of going through a divorce isn’t one that’s easy for most people, but it’s often even more difficult for people who share children. One of the decisions that have to be made is what type of parenting model they’ll follow. Co-parenting is one option that many people opt to try.

Parents who use the co-parenting model work closely together to raise their children. This approach can benefit kids by providing them with a solid foundation of support. While many parents realize this is what’s best for their children, they also have to deal with some challenges. Knowing how to address them can help parents in this position.

Communication must remain focused and respectful

Co-parents communicate often with each other. This communication should generally be focused on the children and how the parents can help them. Both adults should be respectful of each other, even when there are disagreements. It may be best for the parents to take a break to calm down and think about the possible resolutions before coming back together to discuss contentious matters.

Compromise may improve the situation for the children

Even the most thought-out plans may need to be changed sometimes. When any changes are needed, both parents should work as a team to do what’s best for the children. This is particularly important for parenting time changes. Consider this example. One parent has out-of-town family coming to visit, but it’s the other parent’s time with the children. It may be best to switch parenting time so the kids can see those family members.

Support for the children is critical

Children need to have support from their parents. This can come in several forms, including both parents being able to attend events together. When children are around their parents, the adults shouldn’t bicker because hearing their parents argue may make the children feel insecure. Additionally, children shouldn’t be made to hear their parents speak ill of each other.

A solid parenting plan is one way the co-parents can help the situation. This document can provide clear instructions and expectations for both adults so they can focus on raising the children. Working with a legal representative can be helpful as co-parents work to negotiate specific terms.