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The important advantages of collaborative divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Family Law

The path toward divorce did not surprise you. But you wonder what option may be the best for you; what option may minimize the sting of divorce for you, your estranged spouse and your children?

A collaborative divorce may be the route. Such a proceeding takes place outside of a courtroom with no judge present and little possibility of further hearings. You and your spouse – with your respective attorneys at your side — work together to come to a resolution, negotiating and agreeing on how to end your marriage, addressing every possible topic from division of assets and spousal support to child custody and child support.

Attorneys must complete training in this concept

Collaborative divorce may minimize many of the legal, financial and emotional aspects of divorce and represents a concept that falls somewhere between litigation or mediation. The environment may have less tension since you, your spouse and your attorneys have agreed not to pursue litigation.

During these meetings, your attorney provides important insight and direction. Remember, attending attorneys must complete training in collaborative divorce.

Reduces conflict, saves time and money

Here are some of the advantages of collaborative divorce:

  • Reduces conflict
  • Places you and your spouse in the negotiating driver’s seat
  • Occurs in an informal setting and not a courtroom, so participants may be more at ease
  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Boosts privacy, since you are not in a courtroom and details are not a matter of public record
  • Provides the chance for informal and honest sharing of information

A collaborative divorce just may prove to be the smoothest way to resolve your differences and get on with your new life.

Avoiding the courtroom

If avoiding the courtroom and further animosity with your estranged spouse are among your goals, consider the collaborative divorce approach. With the guiding hand of your respective attorneys, you and your spouse work out the details in a divorce settlement.