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How a DUI conviction places your career in jeopardy

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2023 | Criminal Defense

You understand the criminal and civil penalties you may face after a DUI conviction. Going to jail, paying an exorbitant fine, and losing your driver’s license and vehicle frighten you.

However, other penalties lie beneath the surface; those that you may not have initially considered. A DUI conviction may place your career and livelihood in jeopardy. That criminal record may hover and have long-lasting effects.

Loss of professional license and termination

In what ways may a DUI conviction harm your career? There are a few of them:

  • The potential loss or suspension of your professional license: Many occupations require a state license. The list includes doctors, nurses, attorneys, psychologists, teachers and real estate agents. State governing boards will require hearings, which may conclude in the termination or suspension of your professional license, indefinitely or permanently.
  • Suspension or termination from your job: Codes of conduct are more common among today’s employers, who may not be receptive to your criminal conviction. Your firing is a strong possibility. You also may expect a suspension.
  • The loss of work hours and income: Meeting with your attorney, appearing at court dates and completing your sentence through jail time or community service take significant amounts of time away from your job. In these situations, an understanding employer would be a good ally. However, do not count on that. All that time away from work will affect your paycheck.
  • Prospective employers may remove you from their candidate list: Most employers conduct background checks on any prospective employer. They more than likely will find out about your DUI conviction, which may cost you a job interview.

The consequences resulting from a DUI conviction may be many, and that includes affecting your employment.

Seek a legal advocate

A DUI conviction proves quite a conundrum for anyone. Among the hidden costs of a DUI is potentially losing your job. In an effort to avoid this situation, retain a skilled attorney who may get the charge reduced or dismissed.