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Can you lower your odds of injury during a vehicle accident?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2023 | Personal Injury

As you may know, motor vehicle accidents are among the top causes of severe injury in the United States. They often leave victims suffering from lifelong conditions such as spinal cord damage and traumatic brain injuries.

Unfortunately, there is no way to eliminate your car accident risks altogether. However, there are some things you can do to reduce your chances of injury if a collision does occur.

Before you drive

You can reduce your odds of accident injuries before you even start your car. For example, ensure your headrest is at a height that supports your head and neck. Always use your seatbelt, whether driving or riding as a passenger. Drivers should sit about ten inches from the steering wheel to avoid airbag injuries if an accident happens.

During an accident

What you do with your body during an accident can also lower your risk of severe injuries. Here are a few tips to remember each time you drive or ride in a motor vehicle:

  • Press back against the headrest to lower your whiplash risk
  • Push back against the seat while applying your brakes
  • Tense your muscles and brace for the impact

In past times, experts believed that relaxing the body during a crash prevented muscle and other injuries. However, one study revealed that relaxing can protect the legs, but it puts the upper body at greater risk. Most agree that a broken leg is much easier to manage than chest, back and neck injuries.

If this information comes too late and you have already sustained severe injuries in a Montana vehicle accident, fair compensation is essential to your recovery. Legal guidance can help to ensure you get what you deserve after someone harms you in a collision.